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Updated July 23, 2019


  1. “You”/”Client” means and includes a passenger on whose behalf the Booking is made and /or the person making the Booking and could include more passengers under You / Client’s particular booking.
  2. “We”/”Us”/”JTB Travels” means JTB Travels Pvt Ltd.
  3. “Service Providers’ means hoteliers, airlines, cruise companies, transporters or any other person or organization that has been selected by the company to render services to the client.
  4. GST means and includes Goods and Service Tax.
  5. You confirm that the aforesaid lead passenger is the service recipient for GST purpose.


This page sets forth the terms and conditions under which JTB Travels Pvt Ltd., provides the information on this Website, as well as the terms and conditions governing your use of this site. The Users availing services from JTB Travels shall be a natural or legal person and deemed to have read, understood and expressly accepted the terms and conditions of the agreement, which alone shall govern the desired transaction or provision of such service by JTB Travels for all purposes, and shall be binding on the user. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not continue to use or access this site.

Use of Site

The content available on this website is intended to be a general information resource and is provided solely on “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis without warranties of any kind. You should not construe the content on this website as a warranty or guarantee of the quality or availability of any travel package, plans, or advice. JTB Travels cannot be held responsible or liable as to the accuracy, correctness, reliability, timeliness, non-infringement, title, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of the contents of the Site. JTB Travels shall also not be liable for any damage or loss of any kind, howsoever caused as a result (direct or indirect) of the use of the Site, including but not limited to any damage or loss suffered as a result of reliance on the contents contained in or available from the Site.

This website is for your personal and non-commercial use. Accordingly, as a condition of using this website, you agree not to use this website or its contents or information for any commercial or non-personal purpose (direct or indirect). While you are welcome to view, use and download the itineraries and other related documents for your travel or services available on this website, you agree not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell or re-sell any information, content, or services obtained from this website. You also warrant to us that you will not use this website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions, and notices.

All content on this website is Copyright of JTB Travels. Except for your information, personal, non-commercial use as authorized above, you may not modify, reproduce or distribute the content, design or layout of this website or individual sections of the content, design or layout of this website without our express written permission.


When the lead Client books the tour, it shall be deemed and construed that all the persons undertaking the travel services have duly authorized the said Client to sign on their behalf. The requisition for booking by the lead Client shall mean acceptance in totality of the Terms and Conditions contained herein by the Client/s travelling.

Correct information of the contact details of the Client shall be provided at the time of booking. JTB Travels takes no responsibility for any claims arising out of non-receipt of information if the specified contact number is not reachable or does not belong to the Client.

Visa Application and Cancellation Due to Visa Rejection

  • All the clients travelling through JTB Travels must be in possession of a valid visa. Client shall ensure that the Visa Application Form (s) is duly filled and verified by the Client, to its satisfaction, before it is submitted to the Embassy / Consulate. However kindly note that it is entirely at the discretion of the concerned Consulate / Authorities to grant / reject visa even after submitting all relevant documents and the JTB Travels will not be held responsible for the same.
  • The JTB Travels is not at all liable for such cases or has any influence on the consulate/embassy’s decision The role of the company is only to provide necessary guidance to the client for the purpose of applying for VISA.
  • The JTB Travels will not be responsible for non-issuance of visa due to receipt of incomplete / delayed documents from the Clients. It is a possibility that the consulate may ask the passengers to appear for a personal interview. This is at the sole discretion of the Consulate / Authorities. If the required documents are not submitted by the client, the issuance of visa will further be delayed / rejected, and the client will not hold JTB Travels liable for the same. Client should adhere to all the norms and conditions laid by the consulate/embassy.
  • Upon rejection of visa, if the client wishes to reapply for the visa, he/she is liable to pay again the requisite fee to the consulate and not put any claim on JTB Travels
  • If the visa is re-applied and the same is rejected, the applicable cancellation rates shall be based on the date of receipt of intimation of the rejection of re applied visa application and so the charges shall be higher than the rates compare to the first rejection.
  • JTB Travels must receive any intimation from the Embassy / Consulate and High Commission either accepting or rejecting a visa application before the departure date of your tour. It is made clear that the cancellation charges shall apply in addition to the retention of visa service charges. Client expressly agrees not to dispute the foregoing.

Itinerary Accuracy / Changes

  • All the rights to change the Itinerary before or after a Client books a tour are reserved by JTB Travels.
  • All the Itinerary information given at the time of booking or mentioned on website/ brochure is based on the information available at that time and is subject to change depending on other factors such as Airline, hotel, transport availability, etc.
  • In case, JTB Travels are aware of any changes sufficiently in advance we will notify the Client wherever applicable.
  • Additional charges, if any, due to such changes etc. over and above the tour tariff have to be paid by the Client before or on tour itself as the case may be.
  • No complaints /compensations and/or claiming of refunds by the Client will be entertained by the JTB Travels for limitation and/or non- availability of certain services including museums, restaurants, sightseeing, shopping etc. even though included in tour itinerary.
  • We reserve all the rights in addition, alteration or exchange in sightseeing places for betterment of the tour programme. We may discontinue tour to reach sightseeing places due to traffic conditions; road blocks or any climate change and that may vary the course of itinerary.
  • We will make reasonable efforts to keep the overall package of services unchanged. However, we shall not be liable to refund any amount or pay any compensation / damages on account of any change in itinerary.
  • Force Majeure events viz., strikes, fairs, festivals, any cultural or traditional events, weather conditions, traffic problems, overbooking of hotels / flights, cancellation / re-routing of service providers, closure of / restricted entry at a place of sightseeing etc. can cause change in Itinerary.
  • If sightseeing timings aren’t adhered to, or if any add-ons are required then the same will be borne by the Client. Sightseeing days and closing of a particular sightseeing place are not in JTB Travels hand, but we shall try our level best to cover all the sightseeing listed in the tour program. In case, any of the sightseeing is closed JTB Travels may give you a replacement to it or refund may be given for that particular sightseeing place only. Sightseeing of adventurous type are totally dependent on weather.
  • Tours that include cruises, the ship may be changed for operational reasons. Such reasons are beyond our control and thus may result in change in Itinerary.
  • Due to requirements of the airlines the points of entry and exit in a country may change.
  • In case the alternate arrangements made are materially superior as compared to the ones described at the time of booking, JTB Travels may charge extra for the same at the time of booking or in the course of the tour.
  • JTB Travels reserve the right to change the departure date or cancel a departure due to unforeseen reasons and will not take any responsibility for your ticket which you may have purchased in advance for Domestic or International Sectors.
  • The actions, inactions, defaults or condition of tour participants in the group can also result in changed Itinerary. In the event any part of the sightseeing tour is missed by you due to delay by client or any person travelling with him, will not be entitled to claim refund of the same. Clients are responsible for being punctual at all times during the tour to avoid the change, addition or alteration in itinerary.


All payment will be collected subject to the Government of India (GOI) conditions and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations.  All clients will be required to provide their PAN details and Passport copies on booking for travel services outside India.


All services will be as per those specified / confirmed and paid for as per the invoices and service vouchers we raise on the Client. We do not warrant the validity, quality and pricing of the products and services offered at this website. If you avail any service which is not included in the tour package or get yourself upgraded, then the payment for the same will have to be cleared by you directly. Please note that, porterage, tips, gratuities, room service, laundry, excess baggage charge, a la carte meals, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, paid toilets etc., are not included unless specifically mentioned as included


JTB Travels will take utmost care to select hotels which are convenient and comfortable. Most of the rooms will have private bath or shower. The hotels will be either be of those mentioned in the itinerary or of the similar category. We recommend 2 (two) persons in one room or if Client so desires 3rd person in the room, as usually the room is the same size and the bed for the 3rd person is often a rollaway cot put in a twin room for the night. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and under all circumstances your responsibility. JTB Travels will not be responsible or liable in case of loss of such items either from the hotel premises or during travel /sightseeing.

All the information pertaining to the hotel including the category of the hotel, images, room type, amenities and facilities available at the hotel are as per the information provided by the hotel to JTB Travels. This information is for reference only. Any discrepancy that may exist between the website pictures and actual settings of the hotel shall be raised by the User with the hotel directly, and shall be resolved between the User and hotel. JTB Travels will have no responsibility in that process of resolution, and shall not take any liability for such discrepancies. Any damages caused to the hotel rooms shall be borne and payable by you and the company will not be liable for the same. Company is not liable if there is sudden disruption/disorder of telephone, internet services, and other amenities while staying at the hotels. The company will also be not responsible for the facilities provided or not provided in the room/bathroom/hotel premises etc. by the Hotel or its staff. Rude or Unprofessional behaviour of hotel staff does not come under the direct purview of the company and the company will not be responsible for the same. Facilities like mini bar, pay television channels, telephone etc., are not complimentary and these facilities if used by the client have to be paid for by the Client directly to the Hotel and such charges are not included in the tour cost. The Client will have to abide by the check in /check out time of the hotel.

Any changes made directly by the hotel come under their direct purview and we will not be liable for any compensation due to this change

General check in time is usually 1400 hours and check out time is usually 1100 hours; early check-in and late check-out is subject to availability unless pre-paid and booked in advance

Airline and Baggage

If the air tickets are booked through JTB Travels, we shall not be liable to the Client or any person travelling with him for:

  1. All the belongings, currency, valuables, documents including Travel documents like passport, visa, tickets, etc., and any personal effects (‘baggage’).
  2. Any flight delays, flight cancellation, delays and schedule changes of the airline.
  3. Any kind of damage to the person or to the property because of these independent vendors.
  4. Any circumstances whatsoever is the client or any person travelling with the client for loss of Baggage while it is in the custody of the airline.
  5. Any failure by the airline to provide meal OR to provide quality meal as of the Client’s choice.
  6. Any failure on the part of Airline to accommodate the Client despite having confirmed tickets either due to overbooking of seats by the Airline, flight delay, Client or any person travelling with him misses or fail to get in the flight or for any other reason whatsoever. In this condition the expression ‘howsoever cause’ includes willful negligence on the part of the Client or any guess travelling along with him.
  7. Any cancellation or curtailment of your tour compelled by any such loss of baggage etc.
  8. In any event the Client has booked a particular Airline on a particular date and due to certain reasons beyond JTB Travel’s control, they are not allowed to board the flight.

It is advisable to our Client to avoid carrying of valuables on the tour. However, if Client’s carry any valuables, we recommend that you use all available facilities to keep them secure during your tour.

It is advisable to our Client that you declare your valuables to the airline at the time of check-in and pay an additional charge, if any, as may be stipulated by the airline, to make your valuables secure with the airline. Client must go through the rules printed on the ticket/s as the same differs airline to airline.

Loss / Damage

JTB Travels as an organization is coordinating with various independent service providers for conducting the tour. The JTB Travels takes utmost precaution to ensure that the tour of the Client is comfortable. Also, Clients are updated from time to time through every possible and available medium of communication, in case of changes. Though, JTB Travels takes maximum care, neither we have control on the mode of transport like shipping, Airline, trains, coaches etc. nor on the hotels, restaurants or any other facilities.

JTB Travels shall be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages, and any other damages in any way connected with the use or performance of the Website or any other Sales Channel.

The Client or any person travelling with him cause any loss or damage either to his baggage or any documents irrespective of its confidentiality due to any foreseen or unforeseen circumstances while or during staying or travelling through service providers the JTB Travels is not responsible for any loss or damage and the Client’s shall have no claim against us.

Thus, we shall not be responsible for any kind of damage to the person or to the property because of these Service Providers.


If the tour or any part thereof cannot be conducted due to Force Majeure or Vis Majeure, the JTB Travels shall not be responsible to give any refund to Client.  However JTB Travels reserves the right to determine the quantum of refund payable in case of cancellation or amendment of any Tour. Such refund would be based on the situation prevailing at the time of cancellation or amendment or what refund is given by the service provider to JTB Travels.

The decision of JTB Travels on the amount of refund shall be final.

There will be no refunds in case of visa rejections

It is clearly understood that there shall be no refund whatsoever if the Client does not or cannot utilize any of the services like hotels, sightseeing, rides, cruises, meals, entrance fees, optional tours etc., due to any reason whatsoever.

Scope of Activity

We are travel agents only. The role of the JTB Travels is that of an agent of the Client to secure proper services for the tour from the independent contractors and service providers such as the airlines, shipping company, hotels, coach, railway, etc. We do not control or operate any airline, neither do we own or control any shipping company, coach or coach company, railway, hotel, transport or any other facility or service mentioned. We take care in selecting all the ingredients in your holiday; but because we only select them and have no control in operating them, we cannot be responsible for any injury, death, loss or damage, which is caused by the act or default or omission of the management or employees of any hoteliers, airlines, shipping company, coach owner / coach operator, railway who are the JTB Travels independent contractors/ Service Providers arising outside our normal selection process

Privacy of Information / Conditions of Passage

We treat all the information furnished by you as confidential and will share only the necessary information with airline, hotels and other service providers who will provide the services to you during your tour. However we may be constrained to disclose the information furnished by you, if such disclosure is required by the law or by an order of a court or the rules, regulations or enquiry by any government / statutory agency having regulatory authority over the JTB Travels

Health and Insurance

It shall be the duty of the Client to inform the JTB Travels in case the Client has any medical condition that may affect his ability to enjoy and pursue fully the Tour Arrangements and wherein the interest of the Group or any member thereof is prejudicially affected. Pace of certain tours might not be suitable to individuals. Hence we suggest that individuals may choose tours as per their health conditions.

  • The JTB Travels reserves the right to ask the Client to provide written certification of his medical fitness before departure. In the event that a medical condition has not been disclosed the Company will not be liable to provide any assistance or money back.
  • It is necessary for the Client to obtain a valid travel/health insurance prior to the commencement of the tour and the JTB Travels will not be responsible for the same. Settlement of the claims will be entirely at the discretion of the Insurance company.
  • Insurance wherever included is NOT VALID for Senior citizens. The cost for Insurance for Senior Citizen will be higher and passengers are requested to check the exact insurance cost at the time of making the booking

It is advisable that the passenger acquires adequate insurance cover to secure their life health and property


Any communication directed at the address or made through/on the contact details such as e-mail id, cell phone/telephone number/fax number of the Client as disclosed in the “Online Terms & Conditions” / “Booking Form” or made to the travel agent through whom the Client has made the bookings with the JTB Travels shall be deemed to have been communicated to and received by the Client. The JTB Travels shall not be responsible for any error on part of mode of communication or the Travel Agent in this regard.

Conditions of Travel

  1. The rates are valid for minimum 02 adults travelling together at all times
  2. The Client will have to strictly follow the Tour Program and return to India as per the tour itinerary. There shall be no refund, if the Client fails to join the tour. It shall be noted that for all purposes, it shall be the responsibility of the Client to reach the place of commencement of the Tour and register with the representative of the company at the appointed place, date and time
  3. In case if a Client along with his family is compelled to discontinue the tour due to any reason whatsoever including illness, death or loss of passport or any travel documents, no claim shall be entertained for refund of unutilized services
  4. Even if a Client is unable to reach the place of commencement of the tour due to any reason whatsoever including loss of baggage or loss of travel documents, his booking shall be treated as “no show” on the tour and 100% cancellation charges will be levied
  5. If a Client avails the air tickets (cost of which is included in the main tour cost) but fails to join for the main tour at the appointed place, or cancels the tour after using the air tickets, it shall be treated as “no show” and there will be no refund whatsoever for the unutilized main tour services
  6. The prices displayed / quoted have been calculated at the rate prevailing at the time of product / package development. The JTB Travels reserves the right to amend the prices published in case of currency fluctuations, changes in the various gross rates of exchange, and/or fuel costs, special/high season charge levied by the suppliers, hike in the airline/rail charges, visa cost fluctuations before the date of departure and to surcharge accordingly. All such increases in price must be paid for in full before the departure by the Client
  7. We highly recommend a Travel Insurance to be purchased.

Other Terms

There is no Contract between the JTB Travels and the Client until the JTB Travels has received the initial deposit as stated in the clause regarding ‘payments’

The JTB Travels has the right at any time and for any reason:

  1. To terminate this contract after acceptance of deposit but prior to the Commencement of Tour without assigning any reason whatsoever. In the event, the company terminates this contract, the company shall refund the amount paid by the client without payment of any interest.
  2. To use alternate cruise liner, cabin category it has advertised or published or to substitute a cruise of similar class if it is deemed advisable or necessary. In either case, the company shall not be liable for any damage, additional expense, or consequential loss suffered by the clients or for any compensation claims made.

The JTB Travels shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the client for :

  1. Any death, personal injury, sickness, accident, loss, delay, discomfort, increased expenses, consequential loss and / or damage or any misadventure howsoever caused.
  2. The temporary or permanent loss of or damage to baggage or personal effects howsoever caused. In this condition the expression “Howsoever caused” includes negligence on the part of any person.

The tour is subject to RBI / GOI rules & regulations.

The tour cost will be paid in any of the following foreign currencies as appropriate, depending on the countries –  EURO / USD / AUD / GBP / NZD / CHF / SGD out of your BTQ

Client hereby expressly consents and authorizes the JTB Travels to share his/her or his/her family/group information or data to any Suppliers for the purpose of providing services to the Client.

Force Majeure

The JTB Travels shall not be held liable of any terms and conditions/services/tour or part thereof as above, if there is any prevention or delays caused beyond the reasonable control of the JTB Travels, which shall include acts of God, riots, wars, accidents, embargo, terror attacks, coup strike, natural calamities or requisition (acts of government), or delays/negligence/carelessness in the performance of the independent contractors. Any additional cost incurred by the JTB Travels, for the services provided to the Client, during the Force Majeure event, shall be paid by the Client

All dispute/complaints with respect to these terms and conditions and the tour and services shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai only

Upon signing the booking form/ online terms & conditions, these terms and conditions shall be binding on both the JTB Travels and the Client and shall become the only basis of relations between the parties and all previous communications in whatsoever form or mode, whether oral or otherwise, with respect to any term or conditions of the tour and services shall stand cancelled/revoked/terminated.

Product Terms and Conditions:

Important Notes:

  • The rates are subject to availability of hotel accommodation and sightseeing tours at the time of booking. We reserve the right to use an alternate hotel accommodation of an equal or higher standard. If we source a more expensive alternative, we reserve the right to re-quote based on the higher Rates are valid for Indian Passport holders only.
  • International Check in time is 1400 hours / Check out time is 1100 hours, early check in and checkout is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Transfers wherever included are without night surcharges and from specific airports only. No refunds either in part or in full will be made for any unutilized service.
  • All the sightseeing tours and excursions are organized by local companies and may be from designated points. The timings and days of operation are subject to alteration. Changes if any will be intimated to the Client.
  • Sightseeing tours are strictly based on weather conditions and also local service providers have rights to cancel the sightseeing tours without prior notice.
  • Rates subject to change without prior notice and also for clients travelling during weekends.
  • Bookings once confirmed are subject to cancellation charges which shall be advised at that time.
  • As a practice all international hotels take a security deposit at the time of check-in. The amount is generally blocked on the client’s credit card or they can pay cash to the hotel. The amount will vary according to the hotel and is refunded back to the clients upon check out. Debit cards should not be offered as it will be charged immediately and refunded only after 2-3 weeks.

 JTB Travels cannot assume responsibility for any additional cost or any fees relating to the issuance and / or cancellation of air tickets or other arrangements not done through the JTB Travels.

The above is a general cancellation policy and the same is subject to change depending on the travel date, the destination, the package and the services booked

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